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Hinduism - What Does Betel Leaf Do?

The areca palm tree produces a tiny, hard nut that is eaten by combining slices of the nut with lime, tobacco, and spices and wrapping the entire thing in a betel leaf. 

This is not eaten, but rather pressed against the cheek and chewed gently to allow the juices to flow. 

  • Its most popular name, pan (“drinking”), comes from this technique of progressively absorbing the juice. 
  • The nut gives the spit a brilliant red hue, which is why many Indian structures have unique crimson stains. 

In a nation where intestinal disturbances are still prevalent, chewing betel is generally thought to be beneficial to the digestive system, which is a legitimate worry. 

  • Folding betel is one of the sixty-four skills described in the Kama Sutra, and chewing betel is such a deeply entrenched part of sophisticated Indian cultural life that it even has its own aesthetic.

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