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8 Reasons Why Words Have Spiritual Power

The word of man is the Spirit in man. Words are noises produced by vibrations in the mind. Thoughts are vibrations that the Ego or Soul sends out. 

Every word that comes out of your mouth should be charged with your true soul energy. 

Most people's words have no vitality since they are mechanically sent into the ether without being imbued with soul energy. 

  1. Too much talking, exaggeration, or lying in conjunction with words is the equivalent of blasting bullets out of a toy gun without the gunpowder. As a result, such people's prayers or words do not result in any desired definite alteration in the natural order of things. 
  2. Every word you speak must be genuine, i.e., every word you speak must represent not just Truth, but also a portion of your realized soul energy. 
  3. Words devoid of spiritual energy are husks devoid of grain. 
  4. Sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs that, when released, are likely to explode the boulders of problems and bring about the necessary transformation. 
  5. Even if the statements are genuine, refrain from saying them. 
  6. Words must be spoken in accordance with internal convictions. 
  7. Sincere statements or affirmations repeated with understanding, feeling, and willingness will undoubtedly move the Omnipresent Cosmic Vibratory Force and provide you with assistance in your situation. 
  8. Only make an infinitely confident appeal to that Force, throwing aside all doubt and the spirit of seeking the desired outcome. If you don't accomplish this, your enticing focus will be diverted away from its intended target. 

Words are the hallmark of intelligence manifesting itself in the Universe, they are the superficial symptoms of an eternal dance and song we can't comprehend. You can't, after all, place the vibratory prayer seed in the soil of Cosmic Consciousness and then pull it out every minute to check whether it's sprouted into the intended result.

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Vak (power of speech) sprouts in Para, produces two leaves in Pasyanti, buds in Madhyama, and blossoms in Vaikhari—that Vak, as previously mentioned, completes the stage of sound absorption, reversing the above order, namely, starting with Vaikhari, etc.

The four types of Vak are Para, Pasyanti, Madhyama, and Vaikhari. The strongest tone is para. Vaikhari is the most obnoxious of tones.

Vak progresses from the most high-pitched to the most low-pitched tones.

In order to merge in para, or the highest subtle tone, involution requires reversing the order.

Anyone who believes that the One who is the great Lord of that Vak, the undifferentiated, the Illuminator of that Vak is the Self is never affected by language, whether high or poor, good or poor.

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