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Hinduism - Who Is Lankalakshmi In The Hindu Pantheon?


Lankalakshmi is the name of the guardian goddess of Lanka, the demon-king Ravana's capital city, in the Ramayana, the older of the two major Indian epics.

Lankalakshmi is also the reincarnation of Vijayalakshmi, the goddess who was cursed by Brahma to serve as Lanka's guardian deity.

The curse will endure until an invader in the city defeats her, foreshadowing Ravana's demise.

The appearance of the monkey-god Hanuman, who jumps over the ocean in quest of the goddess Sita, whom Ravana has kidnapped, leads to this defeat.

In her role as a guardian goddess, Lankalakshmi sees Hanuman as an invader and assaults him.

Hanuman uses a tremendous strike to knock her out, ending the spell and signaling Ravana's demise. 

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