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Paganism & Wicca - What Is Vodo?


Vodo: A Dominican Republic-based variation of Vodoun. Vodoun is another name for Vodoun. 

Vodou, Vodoun: In the Fon language of West Africa, this term literally means "spirit." 

  • The lwa is referred to as "spirit," and Fon spiritual traditions focus on devotion to and contact with them. Vodou is the term given to this spiritual tradition. 
  • Vodou is still practiced throughout West Africa (in Togo, Benin, and elsewhere), although it is now most often associated with Haitian spiritual traditions originating from Africa. 

The foundation of Vodou is based on the Fon tradition, but it has developed in Haiti to include additional African elements, as well as European and Freemasonry influences. 

  • Vodou incorporates indigenous Caribbean customs as well. 
  • Although colonial authorities tried to repress African spiritual traditions, and Vodoun was outlawed, it thrived thanks to syncretism, with the lwa being associated with Roman Catholic saints. 
  • As a result, Ogou, Spirit of Iron, wears the mask of St James the Greater, who is usually portrayed with a sword in his hand. 
  • That sword holds the key to the forbidden spirit's identity. 

Vodoun is currently more publicly practiced, yet it still faces prejudice and persecution on a regular basis. 

  • Most adherents prefer the spellings Vodoun and Vodou over the variation Voodoo because they are more polite. 
  • Mambo, often spelt Manbo, are Vodou's initiated priestesses. Houngan is a Vodou priest who has been initiated. 

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