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Hinduism - What Is An Ekmukhi Rudraksha?

The dried seed of the tree Elaeocarpus ganitrus is used to make this sort of rudraksha bead. 

The rudraksha is revered to Shiva and is often strung into garlands and worn by his worshippers (bhakta). 

The seed is usually spherical, with a pitted surface and a natural groove in the centre through which a thread may easily be threaded. 

It contains natural divides that run from top to bottom, dividing the seed into "faces" or units (mukhi). 

The Ekmukhi Rudraksha is distinguished by the absence of separating lines going from top to bottom, making the whole seed a single, unbroken piece. 

A rudraksha like this is incredibly uncommon and sacred, since it is said to represent Shiva himself manifested in tangible form. 

Their scarcity makes them incredibly precious, and street vendors often counterfeit them by carving replicas out of wood, sometimes with the Om sign on one side. 

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