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Paganism & Wicca - Who Is A Ciaraulo Or Ciaraula Or Ciarauli?

Names vary by gender and number: Ciaraulo/Ciaraula/Ciarauli (m/f/pl)

Sicilian shaman and/or snake charmer, also referred to as Serpari. 

The ciarauli, who reportedly possess control over snakes and their venom and are religiously compelled to utilize these capabilities to assist their community, continue the age-old relationship between snakes with healing. 

  • One is born a ciaraula, much as the táltos or Benandanti. 
  • Birth circumstances offer power over snakes as well as protection against them. 
  • Predestined ciaurauli are born with "snakecharmer's markings," which are snake and spider shapes beneath the mouth and on the right arm. 
  • When the ciaraula reaches the age of seven, another ciaraula will approach her and teach her the necessary charms. 
  • This practice is thought to be a continuation of ancient healing practices linked with snake-related deities like as Asklepios, Angitia, Fauna, Hermes, or Hygeia. 

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