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Hinduism - Who Is Venkateshvara In The Hindu Pantheon?


("Venkata [HillLord]")  The presiding deity of the Venkateshvara temple in Andhra Pradesh, near Tirupati.

The temple is located north and east of Madras.

Venkateshvara is a local deity who has been adopted into the greater pantheon as a manifestation of Vishnu.

The temple is located in the Tirumalai hills, which are made up of seven hills that are said to resemble the seven cobra hoods of Shesha, the fabled snake that acts as Vishnu's couch.

Venkateshvara's picture is unique in that he has a plate covering his forehead.

The Tengalais and Vadagalais, two branches of the Shrivaishnava society, each wear specific sectarian insignia on their images, and this plate hides these markings on the picture, allowing both groups to claim him as their own.

Venkateshvara is also known for having India's most valuable temple.

People go from all across the nation to Tirupati, partly because it is widely believed that any request expressed in the presence of the deity would be fulfilled unfailingly.

Aside from large monetary gifts, it is usual for pilgrims to have their heads shaved as a token of their presence and to give a hair donation.

Since independence, the temple's riches has been managed by a trust, which has paid special attention to publishing, educational institutions, and assisting in the construction of Hindu temples outside of India.

~Kiran Atma

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