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Being Fearless

"Devotion after release is 'My Power of Divine Incarnation,'" God declares. The 'Power of Brahman' is devotion after freedom. Devotion and the 'Power of Brahman' are not the same thing. 

The condition of being a person, or Jiva, evaporates when one realizes one's Self as Brahman. The only Existence is Paramatman. 

This 'Devotion after Liberation' is to remain in the condition of paramatman. The Jiva is terrified. It is terrified. Shiva, on the other hand, is unafraid of anything. Be unafraid. The tiger and the mouse have opposing viewpoints. The mouse is terrified since being approached by anybody means death, but the tiger is constantly on the lookout for any animal. Whatever the tiger encounters has the potential to become the tiger's supper. The "Man of Knowledge," the Jnani, is the only one who is not terrified of any entity. He is unconcerned about anything. 

Fear is purely psychological in nature. Even if a snake crawls across a man's body while he is sleeping, he remains unconcerned. However, if he sees a snake from afar while awake, he gets terrified. The mind is the source of fear. 

What are you frightened of when you are everything? 

Sin and merit are the two things that most people are afraid of. Because it's a fear of God. But what is there to be afraid of when you are God? Fear entered your life the moment you were born. You were ignorant while in the womb, and when you saw the world for the first time, you were terrified, and that fear has remained. To calm the kid, honey and milk are provided, but the terror lingers. It does not vanish. 

Knowledge is imparted to help you comprehend, to provide you with the necessary enlightenment. As a result, knowing something makes you courageous. Pralhad prayed to God for the ability to be fearless. Fearlessness is "self-knowledge." Even though a man is extremely wealthy, if he is one hour late getting up in the morning, he is terrified, because he has the notion that, if he is one hour late, he will lose his job "I'm running late today. There will be a financial loss." In this way, everyone is terrified. He instructs his wife to wake him up early when he goes to bed. 

Why is he so terrified? 

He is scared that he will not be able to complete his everyday tasks. Some people wake up on their own. They are woken by their own consciousness as they wind their inner clock. This terror pervades everything. You're frightened while you're eating and when you're working, and there's a lot of uncertainty because of that. Fear is the source of the perplexity. Be unafraid. Sleep pleasantly, eat happily, and go about your business in a happy and tranquil manner. Don't be concerned about what may occur in the future. Don't be concerned in vain. Keep a calm and serene attitude. Being adaptive and calm is difficult, but strive to be at peace with yourself. 

The mind becomes perplexed and upset, but what exactly is the problem? 

When you inquire as to why it is terrified, it becomes deafeningly quiet. It keeps silent when you question it, "What are you doing?" Nobody can explain or answer why people are so agitated or worried. When a guest is asked why he came here, he sometimes responds, "Nothing in particular comes to mind. I just happened to be passing by." This is a common way of responding, however it is not a real response. He finally opens his thoughts, reveals his demand, and conveys his concern after some time. The tiger always roars, indicating that he is unfazed by anything. He is courageous at all times. 

Liberation is being fearless, and Devotion is enjoying that condition. 

Fearlessness refers to the lack of fear of anybody or anything. That is the true condition of "godhood," which you are constantly in. You are always in a paramatman condition. "Devotion after Liberation" is the term for this. This entails living in our own magnificence. Those who are true embodiments of God are aware of this Devotion, and after gaining Freedom, they are committed to God. 

How can individuals who claim to be free be "liberated" in the genuine sense if they are still scared of physical harm or the repercussions of everyday life? 

Someone who claims to be "Free" must truly be such. A free person should never believe that if he does particular rites, he is pure, and if he does not, he is impure. The situation of living in that "Glory of God" after Self-Realization and becoming emancipated while living is itself the "Devotion after Liberation." That is the "Power of Divine Incarnation," also known as Avatar. 

You should live as though you were God. God is fearless. If you are afraid, you are the jiva, and there is still some misunderstanding. Desires and emotions are to blame for the problems you're having. What good is "knowledge" if one continues to act in the same manner as before after attaining Self-Realization? 

The genuinely illumined one behaves in accordance with his insight. He is the Almighty. "I have become God of all beings because of their notion of creation, existence, and destruction," Lord Krishna declares. God creates and destroys hundreds of universes, but does this result in any guilt or merit on his part? Who will be the one to punish him? 

There is nothing else. Then who is there to make him fearful? 

He is unfathomable to all notions. He is formless, invisible, yet everything at the same time. Without Him, nothing exists anywhere. He is the reason you are here. You would not exist if it weren't for Him "I am the cosmos as a whole. I like everything, I eat everything, and I destroy everything. I am my own sense of whimsy." Even if your own tongue is uncontaminated when you lick it, we regard other people's spit to be filthy. 

The One with all the licking tongues, who is everywhere, alone yet in everything, is entirely unafraid, and so lives as a "Incarnation of God."

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