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Michelle was happily married to a man in the military until he was killed over seas in battle. While struggling to pay rent she resorts to prostitution and a heroin addiction. She gets lost in a dark world among the Los Angeles underground.

Off Minor Films
Produced by Ace Fillmore
Written by James Sadeghi
Directed by Ace Fillmore
Starring Gina Violante
Narration - Dora Madison Burge
Aj Johnson - Husband
Jai Krishna Ponnappan - Landlord 
Ryan Spencer - Drug Dealer
Ryan Yodice - Guy #2
Paul Green - Guy #3
Date Night Couple -Steve Spicer & Maria Rivera
Director of Photography - Ace Fillmore
Edited by Marcus Mcdammit
Foley and Compositions by Spencer Mcneil
Make up Artist - Stacy Marie
Set Photography - Byron Miller 

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Watch Erased On Amazon Videos