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Hinduism - What Is The Karka Sankranti Festival?


Karka Sankranti is the Hindu New Year.

The beginning of the dakshinayana, the six-month period during which the sun travels toward the south, is marked on the Indian calendar by the sun's passage into the zodiac sign of Cancer.

This occurs at the summer solstice (about June 21) in Western astrology, but around July 14 in Indian counting.

The disparity occurs because the two systems commemorate the start of the astrological year in different ways.

The beginning of the year in Western astrology is determined by the sun's position in respect to the earth, which happens on the spring equinox (around March 21).

The beginning of the zodiac in Indian counting occurs when the sun contacts the middle of a group of stars known as Ashvini, and is based on the sun's location in relation to fixed stars.

Unlike Makara Sankranti, which happens six months earlier and marks the start of the sun's northward journey, Karka Sankranti is not observed by notable observances (uttarayana).

The deity Yama, who is death personified, is connected with the southern direction.

As a result, this southerly trend is seen as less favorable than its northern equivalent. 


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