This site primarily pertains to the creative body of work, publications, films, multi-media, and articles exclusively by the author known as Kiran Atma.

Kiran Atma is the pen name and author/writer handle used by Jai Krishna Ponnappan for him to express, write and create freely in select genres of his choice as is represented here.

Given the author's cultural, ethnic and religious minority status, this pen name primarily serves as a protective shield, allowing the author to delineate his every day, business, technocratic and corporate identity and legal birth name, so as to preemptively discourage and guard against any form of discrimination, prejudice, and pre-conceived notions, either internal or external/societal.

Kiran Atma was born a Hindu and has been a practicing Pagan and Witch since hitting puberty. Kiran continues to research, study, and analyze the history and contemporary practices associated with his faith and craft as seen worldwide while sharing the same with the wider community.

Kiran's body of work hopes to help you broaden your awareness and deepen your understanding of these rich areas of knowledge, spirituality, and cultural diversity that he has found so fascinating.

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