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Hinduism - Who Was Garibdasi? What Is The Garibdasi Community?


Founder of the Garibdasi religious group (early 18th century).

Garibdas was born in what is now the state of Haryana, in the Rohtak district.

There was no human guru for Garibdas.

Instead, he said that the poet-saint Kabir came to him in a dream and gave him his religious initiation.

Garibdas, like his immediate students, was a householder.

The Garibdasis became an austere group under one of their later leaders, who discarded their wealth.

Garibdas was a well-respected and powerful religious reformer who lectured and taught on a variety of topics.

Garibdasi community  is a religious group formed by Garibdas, a religious reformer (early 18th c.).

The Garibdasi community was initially made up of householders, but one of the later leaders, Swami Dayaludasa, substantially changed it.

The society discarded their possessions and established an austere cult under his guidance.

The Garibdasis have over a hundred centers in northern India, most of which are centered in the Uttar Pradesh and Haryana districts near present-day New Delhi, where Garibdas resided.

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