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Hinduism - What Is Kalpavas? Who Are The Kalpavasis?


Kalpavas (meaning "dwelling for a kalpa") is a Sanskrit word that means "residence for a kalpa." During the annual Magh Mela event in Allahabad during the lunar month of Magh (January–February), a strict religious vow is made.

The confluence of two holy rivers, the Ganges and the Yamuna, is where Allahabad is located.

The fundamental religious rite of the celebration is bathing (snana) at this point.

Although most visitors only remain for a few days during the festival, kalpavasis, or persons who have taken the kalpavas vow, stay for the full month.

Kalpavasis also promise to follow a rigorous ascetic lifestyle that includes daily baths in the Ganges, a limited diet, specific attire and worship, and participation at religious meetings known as satsang.


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