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Hinduism - What Is The Rasayana In Hindu Philosophy?


The Rasayana  is a Sanskrit word that means "way of essences."

Alchemical school focusing in the employment of certain chemicals, notably those derived from elemental mercury, to transform the body and make it everlasting.

Some academics have classified rasayana as the Buddhist school of alchemy, whereas dhatuvada is the Hindu school.

The difference is that the latter depended completely on mercurial ingestion, whilst the former simply employed mercurials to prolong life until the body could be transrified by meditation, ritual, and extramaterial methods.

Despite their differing views on how the process should conclude, the two schools agree on a lot of other things.

Both are most likely influenced by the same alchemical heritage.

For further detail, check David Gordon White's 1996 book The Alchemical Body.

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