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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Is The Alakhiya Akhara?

The name of a subset of ascetics under the Dashanami order of Sanyasis' Naga class. 

  • The Dashanami Nagas are Shiva worshippers (bhakta) who are arranged into various akharas or regiments that resemble armies. 
  • The Nagas' main profession until the beginning of the nineteenth century was as mercenary warriors, but they also had significant trade interests; both of these vocations have virtually vanished in modern times. 
  • The Alakhiya akhara is a component of the Juna akhara, which is one of Naga akhara's biggest and oldest. 
  • Alakhiya is derived from the term alakh, which means "without characteristics," and is a moniker for the Supreme Being used by many Shaiva ascetics while asking for alms. 
  • The Nagas fought ascetics, mostly chosen from the ranks of the shudras, the lowest Hindu varna, until the beginning of the eighteenth century. 

According to legend, these fighting ascetics were hired to guard the educated ascetics, who couldn't defend themselves since they were holy and intellectual men. 

  • The Nagas had significant trade interests as well. 
  • These akharas were extremely strong two and three hundred years ago, particularly in areas of the nation where the centralized authority had failed. 
  • The Naga akharas offered their mercenary services, loaned money at interest, traded, and frequently held vast quantities of land. 

The Kumbha Mela, a bathing (snana) event, is one of the few occasions when the divisions and subdivisions of the akharas are still significant. 

  • Bathing follows a tight schedule, and people are assigned to a line depending on their membership. 
  • Being first in line two hundred years ago meant political, economic, and/or military supremacy. 
  • The current bathing order reflects the proportional significance of each group at the time.

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