Universalism ~ An Eternal Ideal that transcends Love?

           This is in response to a very valid and interesting comment I read,

      "I want you to remember that although we were born in a certain place and raised with a certain culture, we are all human beings who share this planet. I don't believe in borders or nationalities. We are all the same with different teachings about life. I have learned about your heritage. I believe that most of Hindu people are very spiritual, peaceful and friendly. But in every country of the world you will find the best and the worst of humanity. No exception. So, I prefer to embrace the flag of only those people who are full of love and empathy and they are all over the world. We need to find them."
Ref. https://www.facebook.com/Jai.Krishna.Ponnappan/posts/388448404561376

My Response, 

What applies to the material shape of the world equally applies to the moral shape of the universe. The Truth prevails against all majorities.


Thank You for the comment, Marisa. I share the same sentiment of embracing not just people but more importantly all of Life and Nature all around the world to an even greater degree. There is immense abundance, intelligence, ability and beauty in contrast and diversity. As a personal preference I along with many others in my likeness encourage this without ever imposing ideas or thoughts on others. I understand and fully accept that the Hindu identity is incredibly vast and multi- dimensional in more than just one way, extending over a significant period of time in Human history. Yet this makes me and many others all the more careful, guarded and protective about maintaining a sense of privacy, reverence and secrecy when it comes to such things that concern our hearts, our Souls and our fundamental rights as Human beings. Given the pervasiveness and belligerence of dominating Western ideologies, standards, stereotypes, prejudices and propensities, It is really hard to share, divulge or expect respect and Human dignity. And that is precisely why many in my Family, other Hindus and such tribes of Humanity do not go there. We've lived through a very difficult test for such collectives that have endured hostility and lived many a painful struggle. It has been far from easy for such minorities and weakened sects, and I am referring to minorities of all kinds. This is clearly and partly the real substance and reasoning behind why we have such qualities of Love, Peace and Empathy innate in a place deeper than what is effable in today's world and its many contexts. It has its own unique and worthy tale, it will live on in our hearts and Souls. It is something that has taken a great deal of time to evolve and fully come into us as the people we are. I share and understand perspectives at times but I do not view the world solely through the eyes of the West or of its Sciences. My Eyes are a gift I value and use, may be there are others like me, nevertheless it doesn't hurt or stop me if I'm the only one.  

Blessings and Best Regards.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Ref. https://www.facebook.com/Jai.Krishna.Ponnappan/posts/388448404561376