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Paganism & Wicca - What Is A Seidh Or Seir?


Seidh, Seir is a kind of Norse oracular technique that involves prophecy via trances and the summoning of spirits. 

  • Women in Scandinavia and Iceland practiced what is known as "ritual trance prophecy," or seir. 
  • The goddess Freya ruled over Seir. 
  • The seeress sits on an elevated seat or platform, where she enters trance with the assistance of ritual helpers, a procedure known as ùtiseta or "sitting out." 
  • Seir became a highly negative word in Christian literature. 
  • The Dutch Witta Wijven, however, continued the practice of "sitting out" until the mid-seventeenth century (wise wives). 
  • The tradition has been resurrected in recent years.  

DIVINE WITCH: Freya, Odin; Völva

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