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Hinduism - Who Are Considered Rasik Or Rasik Devotees In Hinduism?

Someone who is intellectual and intelligent who can appreciate a developed artistic mood (rasa).

The term refers to a person who has translated this awareness of aesthetic mood into a devotional setting in the context of religious activity.

Rasik devotees (bhakta) would engage in intricate visualizations and mental accompaniments of their chosen god throughout the day.

These contemplative visualizations were thought to provide the devotee a feeling of involvement in God's presence on earth's divine drama (lila), sharpening his or her appreciation of it.

The Pushti Marg and the Ram Rasik Sampraday, whose objects of devotion were the gods Krishna and Rama, respectively, placed the highest emphasis on this talent.

This kind of devotion is nearly entirely devoted to these gods or other manifestations of Vishnu.

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