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Hinduism - What Is Bharatmilap?

Bharatmilap ("Meeting Bharata") is a Hindi word that means "meeting Bharata." 

A specific episode from the Ram Lila plays, which are reenactments of the Ramayana, the first of the two major Hindu epics. 

  • This scene depicts the reunion of the deity Rama with his brother Bharata after Rama has been in exile for fourteen years and Bharata has faithfully ruled as king in his brother's stead. 
  • According to Ram Lila aficionados, this short moment has some of the play's most exquisite passion. 
  • There is undeniable joy in the fact that the period of separation has come to an end, but the scene's appeal is partly due to the way it represents some fundamental cultural ideals. 
  • Because they reside at home their whole lives, the brothers are considered the core of the traditional Indian joint family, while their sisters marry and become part of their marital families. 

Every generation's oldest brother ultimately rises to the top of the joint home, but he can't do it without the help and collaboration of his younger brothers. 

  • Rama and Bharata are therefore role models for brothers in a traditional joint family: 

    • Rama for loving and caring for his younger brother,
    • and Bharata for following out his elder brother's desires for the family's overall welfare.

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