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Paganism & Wicca - Who Are The Kresnik?

The Kresnik of Istria and Slavonia are comparable to the Benandanti in that the caul with which they are born indicates their destined capacity to fight evil "witches." 

  • The kresnik gets hypnotized at night, and a huge black fly emerges from his mouth and travels to shamanic fights. 
  • The vucodlak is the kresnik's natural adversary. Kresniks fight their opponents in the air at crossroads with sticks. 

  • Kresniks are also believed to fight over St Mark's Square in Venice, crossing the sea on eggshells.
  • Kresniks may transform into any animal, although bullocks, goats, and horses are the most popular. 

Also look up Benandanti, Fetch, and Vucodlak.

~ Kiran Atma

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