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Hinduism - Who Is Janamjeya In Hindu Mythology?

Janamjeya is the son of King Parikshit and the ruler of Hindu mythology following his father's tragic death from the snake Takshaka's bite.

Because of Takshaka's participation in his father's murder, Janamjeya has a strong dislike for serpents, and during his reign, he executes the Sarpasatra, a massive sacrifice in which most of the world's snakes are slaughtered.

Takshaka, with the assistance of a brahmin, manages to avert the sacrifice before all of the earth's serpents are killed off.

As a visitor, the brahmin approaches Janamjeya's sacrifice and demands that the sacrifice be halted.

Janamjeya is forced to shorten the ritual since a brahmin guest's request cannot be ignored, according to custom.


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