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Hinduism - Who Are The Bajrang Dal?

 “Hanuman's Host” is the literal translation of  Bajrang Dal. 

Although both are ostensibly autonomous, the Bajrang Dal is a contemporary Hindu group with significant ties to the Hindu nationalist Vishva Hindu Parishad ( VHP ). 

  • The Bajrang Dal is often referred to as the VHP's "young/youth wing," and its main goal is to assist the VHP in carrying out religious, political, and social activities, especially by providing members to help create a crowd. 

The deity Hanuman is known for his incredible strength, and the Bajrang Dal seems to have highlighted this attribute while selecting him as their emblem. 

  • Young males from all socioeconomic classes are welcome to join, although the organization is said to have a large following among lower-caste groups. 
  • The local chapters of the Bajrang Dal frequently perform social services and philanthropic activities (as one might expect of any organized group). 
  • The Bajrang Dal as a whole is widely regarded as a mobilization force and pragmatic vehicle of the VHP, to be used as and when the situation requires.

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