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Parapsychology - Who Was Albert Abrams (1863–1924)?


Albert Abrams (1863–1924) was a San Francisco physician who developed the radionics, electronic medicine, or electronics method of diagnosis and therapy.

Abrams, a renowned physician, earned his medical degree from Heidelberg University in Germany and served as a professor of pathology at Cooper Medical College in San Francisco, California.

He thought he'd uncovered that sick tissue emitted an aberrant wave while working on cancer patients.

His work also led to the development of the oscilloclast, an electrical instrument that uses an electronic theory of disease to generate oscillations involving changes in skin potential.

Abrams' contraption has been dubbed "black boxes" in the years after it was developed.

The British Royal Society of Medicine released a negative report on Abrams in 1922, only two years before his death, and his work almost died out. Ruth Drown took it up in the 1930s and published it.

The American Association for Medico-Physical Research continued his research.

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