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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Are The Aghori?

One of the two loosely structured groups of Jogi ascetics, the other being the Nathpanthis, is referred to by this name in one occasion. 

The Aghoris, Nathpanthis, and Dashanami Sanyasis are three main sects of ascetics dedicated to the deity Shiva. 

The Dashanamis are supposed to be descended from previous Shaiva ascetic orders, especially the Kapalikas, Kalamukhas, and Pashupatas, while the Aghoris and Nathpanthis are thought to be derived from earlier Shaiva ascetic orders, particularly the Kapalikas, Kalamukhas, and Pashupatas. 

  • Aghori also refers to ascetics whose renowned habits earn them both respect and terror among the general public. 
  • The Aghoris take their name from one of Shiva's names, Aghora, which, despite its literal meaning ("not frightening"), refers to one of Shiva's most terrible and powerful forms. 
  • The Aghoris are known for their disdain for all societal norms and limits as followers (bhakta) of this avatar of Shiva. 
  • They often feed from a human skull-shaped receptacle and are said to consume everything, including excrement and human flesh. 
  • Aghoris are so far beyond the usual social limits that most people would prefer avoid contact with them. 
  • Such conduct inspires curiosity and occasionally admiration among the broader Hindu population, but it also inspires dread.

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