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Hinduism - What Is Asthi-Visarjana?


Asthi-Visarjana means "scattering the bones" in Sanskrit. 

  • One of the final rituals (antyeshthi samskara) associated with death is known as antyeshthi samskara. 
  • Bits of bone and ash gathered from the cremation site in the asthi-sanchayana ceremony are immersed in the Ganges or another holy river in this ritual. 

Because the gathered bones may have been stored for years before a family member was able to transport them to a pilgrimage site (tirtha) to conduct this ritual, this is the last ceremonial for the deceased. 

  • Modern transportation has altered this rhythm somewhat, making asthi-visarjana more frequent soon after death but before to the sapindikarana ritual on the twelfth day. 
  • This rite is still extensively practiced in contemporary India and is significant for at least two reasons: 
    • on the one hand, it symbolizes the dead's redemption by consigning their ashes to the holy waters, 
    • and on the other side, it provides final ceremonial closure for the living.

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