A Positive Affirmation !

Don´t let any negative influences surround your Soul. You are the most beautiful creation of God, You are unique and You have a beautiful light inside your heart that He gave you for you to let it shine bright. 

It is time to connect your Soul to Him, Feel His presence , Feel his Love for You. He loves you with All his Heart And All He wants in your life is for you to BE Happy and feel Love. He gave You this Life so you can experience every magical living being and thing here, their hearts, the colors of nature. Let Your Soul experience the Magic of Living in peace with everything in this Beautiful Paradise call Earth, Everyday is a new day to experience all the magic that He gives you, Open your Heart and receive His Blessings, Breath the pure air of LOVE He gives you, You Are a Beautiful shiny Soul, You ARE Love.
Blessings, Happy vibes and Much Love

Strengthening the Heart: A Path to Healing

"When you are complete, you will find a partner that will compliment to you."
Mending A Broken Heart Heartbreak happens to all of us. Often the pain that wounds us most deeply also leaves the most enduring mark upon us. Heartbreak happens to all of us and can wash over us like a heavy rain. 

When experiencing a broken heart, our ethereal selves are saturated with grief, and the overflow is channeled into the physical body. Loss becomes a physical emptiness, and longing is transmuted into a feeling that often cannot be put into words. Mending a broken heart can seem a task so monumental that we dare not attempt it for fear of damaging ourselves further. But heartbreak, like all emotions, falls under the spell of our conscious influence. Often the pain that wounds us most deeply also leaves the most enduring mark upon us. The shock that becomes the tender, throbbing ache of the heart eventually leads us down the path of enlightenment, blessing our lives with a new depth and richness. Acknowledging heartbreak's impermanence by no means dulls its sting for it is the sting itself that stimulates healing. The pain is letting us know that we need to pay attention to our emotional selves, to sit with our feelings and be in them fully before we can begin to heal. It is said that time heals all wounds. Time may dull the pain of a broken heart, but it is fully feeling your pain and acknowledging it that will truly help you heal. Dealing with your heartache in a healthy way rather than putting it off for tomorrow is the key to repair. Gentleness more than anything else is called for. Most important, open yourself to the possibility of loving, trusting, and believing again. When, someday soon, you emerge from the cushion of your grief, you will see that the universe did not cease to be as you nursed your broken heart. You emerge on the other side of the mending, stronger for all you have experienced.

Reactions to Life

Our experiences color everything. The events of the past can have a profound effect on how we see our lives now and what we choose to believe about our world. Our past experiences can also influence our emotional reactions and responses to present events. Each of us reacts to stimulus based on what we have learned in life. There is no right or wrong to it; it is simply the result of past experience. Later, when our strong feelings have passed, we may be surprised at our reactions. Yet when we face a similar situation, again our reactions may be the same. When we understand those experiences, we can come that much closer to understanding our reactions and consciously change them.

Between stimulus and reaction exists a fleeting moment of thought. Often, that thought is based on something that has happened to you in the past. When presented with a similar situation later on, your natural impulse is to unconsciously regard it in a similar light. For example, if you survived a traumatic automobile accident as a youngster, the first thing you might feel upon witnessing even a minor collision between vehicles may be intense panic. If you harbor unpleasant associations with death from a past experience, you may find yourself unable to think about death as a gentle release or the next step toward a new kind of existence. You can, however, minimize the intensity of your reactions by identifying the momentary thought that inspires your reaction. Then, next time, replace that thought with a more positive one.

Modifying your reaction by modifying your thoughts is difficult, but it can help you to see and experience formerly unpleasant situations in a whole new light. It allows you to stop reacting unconsciously. Learning the reason of your reactions may also help you put aside a negative reaction long enough to respond in more positive and empowered ways. Your reactions and responses then become about what’s happening in the present moment rather than about the past. As time passes, your negative thoughts may lose strength, leaving only your positive thoughts to inform your healthy reactions.

A Meditation of the Heart: Finding Peace in Your Heart

“I would rather have eyes that cannot see; ears that cannot hear; lips that cannot speak, than a heart that cannot love”
Find peace in your Heart and Soul by connecting with them. Try to do this in a silent place. Close your eyes and feel your heart , feel each heartbeat that gives you life.

Meditation of the Heart

Imagine your heart emanating Love and light from it, imagine the colors and the positive vibrations illuminating all your heart and then pumping the same Life and joy to all your body, feel the impulse as it passes and flows through your veins and muscles, fill your body with that beautiful loving light until you arrive to your mind and then clear all the negative thoughts that have been bothering you and replace them with Love. You will Find your inner peace so you can shine again with happiness. 

Blessings, Love and Healing Light to your Souls.

Becoming the Change We Seek

The Flux of Life is Ever Changing. 
Change is just as inevitable as it is predictable. Change is led by the build up of energy and emotions that galvanize our thoughts and hearts unhindered.

Becoming Change

It is something that can not be resisted. You can not dam it up hoping that its potential will ever cease to continue building up. The more you resist change the greater its intent to make an entry into every aspect of your existence. Find peace and strive for harmonious change. Respect it as a necessary element that seeks to find its place with in your being. Like all things that hope to evolve we must cast aside the old and risk the unfamiliar.

  Life is always changing and Sometimes It could be that We are afraid of new changes presenting to Us in our Life, Leaving your fears behind is the first step to start to feel better. Sometimes those changes are for the best. Feel yourself with courage and Love and think positive thoughts about the situation, there is no point in having anxiety if We don´t know what great new things can bring to our Life. Have faith that everything is for the best. Your life is guided and things happens for a reason.

Blessings and Positive courageous happy vibes

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Looking For the Good in Others Makes You Good

Always try to look for the Good in people and don´t judge the book by its cover. People's Appearances have nothing to be compared with the beauty of their hearts.

Untitled from Jai Krishna Ponnappan on Vimeo.

When We realize that Love exists in every person, We are opening our Hearts to live a life in a different frequency, where Love embraces Us and We embrace Love. Living with a Heart full of compassion and respect for other people will attract more compassion and respect towards ourselves.

Live Happy, Share Love, See Love, Embrace Love

Search and Seek for the Goodness in others you will find it to be a faithful reflection of the evolving goodness and change that is growing inside you.

Let the Smile Radiate the Joy from Within

Our Soul is made of Light, Remember that you were born to shine, Adding Love to our Hearts and sharing that Love with all people, even with a tiny smile, you can make all our lives shine brighter. 

All We need to be Happy in this Life is to find and comprehend the meaning of true Love for ourselves and others. Looking at Life with the eyes of Love will change both your sense of experience and your Soul. Radiate Love, Shine Bright , Live happy and don't forget to Smile. It's a wonderful exchange that can bring you unconditionally closer to achieving the blissful realities of Love.


When we recognize our Divine Nature we are in Paradise, when we deny it we fall in hell. During the Ascension path we meet our Divine Nature, so we start feeling a deep joy in our hearts and every single cell of our BODY vibrates in the Pure Love.

Because of the higher light we embody, the darkness (even the smallest grain within us) wakes up.
THE MORE we assert our true nature, the MORE the illusion (the ego) puts us to the test - projecting and intensifying all our fears on the screen of our life - like in a game of Chinese shadows. So we are called with more force and determination to assert who we are; and every time that we believe the fear and illusion, we fall in a hell of suffering and denial. For every summit of Love and knowledge we touch, there is an abyss of denial waiting for us: until we definitively stop to believe to illusion and duality.
And, at this point of our Ascension, every denial of our own Divine Nature becomes painful and unbearable.
The ONENESS doesn't admit any separation, any judgement, any fear, any darkness: only a HEAVEN OF PURE LOVE.

Life is a Miracle

 Life is a Miracle

Life is a miracle don't let it slip away,

Open your heart to others, give of yourself each day.

See the beauty in everyone, regardless of where they've been,

Some have a difficult journey and really need a friend.

Share your gifts and talents, listen with your heart.

Do the things you dream about but don't have time to start.

Pick a bouquet of flowers, show someone that you care,

Be gracious and forgiving, for life is never fair.

Hold on to your courage, you may need it down the road,

We all have a cross to bear, it could be a heavy load.

If you practice all these things, wherever you may roam,

You might find both sun and rain, but you'll never feel alone!

In the Thick of It : Working from Center

In the Thick of It : Working from Center

When you feel you are in the thick of things, tapping into your own inner resources will help bring strength. When we are “in the thick of it,” overwhelmed by too many things that need our attention, it’s important to remember that we are never given more than we can handle. 

Working From the Center is Working From the Source

When life’s challenges make us question this, our best coping mechanism is to follow the reliable and well-known course to our calm center and anchor ourselves there. It is for these times that we have been practicing regularly, so that our mind, body, and spirit will know how to find the peace within. Even in the midst of seeming chaos, a deep breath can help us turn within to find the space to work from, the calm at the center of the storm.

Tapping into our inner resources we begin again, bringing our focus to the needs of the present moment. Asking “why?” shifts our energy away from the task at hand. We can seek answers to those questions once we get to the other side of the present challenge. For now, we accept what is. Once we have collected scattered energy and created space, inspiration will strike, help will arrive, and what seemed impossible will either become possible or we will find it has become unnecessary. The flow of the universe and its perfect order has room to move in our lives when we get ourselves and our extraneous thoughts out of the way.

After the thick has become thin again, we have the opportunity to learn from the situation with a better idea of our true capabilities. We can now ask ourselves the “why” questions with the goal of fine-tuning our lives. Perhaps we have taken on more than is ours to do or made commitments out of obligation rather than insight. It could just be the ebb and flow and life, or we may be receiving life lessons on a fast track in preparation for something wonderful to come. But when we have a chance to make new choices, we know the best ones are made when we work from center.

Home... Heart....Home

 Home... Heart....Home

The ocean is vast
the journey is often sailed at full mast
sometimes I get that feeling that I have had before
that I am coming ashore
to a place that I adore

Home is where the heart lays
its where I never seem to part ways
even when I travel far & wide
it's forever by my side

It must be in my heart, this atomic DNA
it seems to feature in the behavior I display
this embedded feeling, this memory
of a place that I can call home
the summary
of where you feel you are held in arms
which shelter you from the harms
& the qualms of the stormy seas
& the windy trees

Home is where the heart lays
its where I never seem to part ways
even when I travel far & wide
it's forever by my side

Time is Eternity for those who Love

Time is eternity for those who Love
“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” — Zig Ziglar 

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice; but for those who love, time is eternity." ~ Henry Van Dyke

I would rather take risks and run free in the wonderland of my heart than sit comfortably in the prison of my mind. How we make the most of the ‘Now’ that we live in all depends crucially on how we relate to Time. Apart from the hours and the minutes and the seconds that fill our day, time has many more beautiful aspects, attributes and qualities that you can in your many senses learn to adapt to, and fully appreciate. Don’t let the lessons of the past haunt you or the anxieties and expectations of the future worry you, and in all of this neither should you ever succumb to reacting nor responding your way through life, to the taunts and pressures of our modern lifestyle and society that may endlessly taunt you. Be more in tune with the present, stay meditated, centered and balanced in your equipoise and endless respect for your present moment in time. 

Exercise patience along with a clear and focused concentration. Let time be a supporting foundation and corner stone to the firm pillar that you and your life were always meant to be. You have time and you will have plenty of it. Don’t loose heart to the disappointments and failures of your past nor should you succumb to living in an empty and irrelevant fantasy, rather stay true to passionately and persistently working towards your dreams by living your present moment grounded to the real and fruitful blessing that it is capable of being. 

Learn to admire the present moment for what it is and all that it is worth, it is glorious as it is, regardless of the past or the future. This way you will learn to define your very own natural calendar that custom fits the phases and needs of your life. Yes sunrise to sunset is natural and good enough; debunk all the other social standards and artificial pressures to conform that mean very little to you and your goals. Time is beautifully relative, so speed up and slow down, set your pace whatever suits you best, and feel free to question the rest.
Sometimes worrying takes part of our life and we can find ourselves stuck in the same thought over and over again. Don’t let any worries take control of your mind. Worrying gives you anxiety. And if you are anxious, you are not enjoying the present, live in the NOW! The past is gone and the future is uncertain, it is time to live the present as it is a gift. Live it with a happy positive loving attitude. Let your worries and fears behind and Trust in God. He knows where your life is going. Embrace yourself in his arms and in his Love, All He wants you is to live your life happy.

Love & Live In The Moment: This Moment won't last but don't let it pass.

Don’t let any negative influences surround your Soul. You are the most beautiful creation of God, You are unique and you have a beautiful light inside your heart that He gave you, for you to let it shine bright. It is time to connect your Soul to Him, Feel His presence, and Feel his Love for You. He loves you with All his Heart and All He wants in your life is for you to Be Happy and feel  Love. He gave you this Life so you can experience every magical living being and thing here, their hearts, the colors of nature. Let Your Soul experience the Magic of Living in peace with everything in this Beautiful Paradise call Earth, Everyday is a new day to experience all the magic that He gives you, Open your Heart and receive His Blessings, Breath the pure air of LOVE He gives you, You Are a Beautiful shiny Soul, You ARE Love
Blessings, Happy vibes and Much Love
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

An Awakening of the Heart

An Awakening of the Heart 
The songs we sing are like foam on the surface of the sea of being, while the precious gems lie deep beneath. But the tenderness in our songs
is a reflection of what is hidden in the depths of our Heart.

I clearly decide what I want, and I deserve this dream. It is absolutely possible for it to come true. I ask my angels to help me manifest my desire, and I notice and follow any guidance I receive. I take one small step at a time and open my arms to receive.

Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.
Feel it , Listen to it and Believe in Yourself
with all your HEART & SOUL
& Love Always True and Pure
Your Heart is a fountain of Energy and Blessings
With every beat comes Peace and Healing
When You Listen to Your Heart there is No Fear !
Your Heart's Messages are Always Right
and they reveal Powerful Messages from God

The only scripture I recommend is in the inner wisdom, and that heaven sent spark and Spirit of intelligence, that lay in the temple that is your own spiritual Heart. 
~ Love, Light & Blessings
Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Inhale, Love is in the Air

The moon is shining. Love is in the air. The moon loves us. It reflects the light of the sun, the powerful messenger of Life for everything on this planet. 

The sun loves us. The air loves us. Take a deep breath right now… a deep conscious breath. The air that you breathe in loves you. It gives and sustains your very Life itself. 

That is love, a powerful act in itself. Breathe again. Deeply and gently and receive the gift of love.

The moon and sun and air don’t demand anything from you in order to love you and give you the gift of Life. There are no bargains needed, no commitments to make, and no obligations created when you accept that love. It is freely given, and, I assume, freely received.

Take this love you receive from creation into all your relationships. Give it as freely as it has been given to you. It doesn’t even matter how it is received. The air doesn’t care if you are grateful for its love—it gives because that is its nature. Perhaps your nature is the same as the air’s—after all, you and the air and the sun and moon are all parts of the same creation.

Take a deep breath.

And love.

You are Intelligence, You are Light Manifest: Beholding the Beauty Within

Don´t let any feelings of anger or sadness surround you. Remember that you are an innately bright Soul, this is your gift in Life and that you have the power to enlighten and illuminate every moment that you spend here and Shine bright. 

We just need to discipline and add positive thinking to our minds and fill our soul with sparkling Love so that We can shine brighter than the Sun. It could be easy to say or read it, but it is the "TRYING", that makes all the difference. It is time to experience the beauty of your Soul, A day without a smile is a day wasted . Smile more often, Be happy, ENJOY LIFE :)
Blessings, Love and Light
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)

Becoming the Co-creators of Opportunity

There can be times in life, when we tend to miss beautiful and great opportunities because we have become accustomed to certain habits and patterns that serve as mental blocks or we have learnt and co-created fears along the way and are afraid of experiencing something new and different.

These are often new Experiences that are out of or bordering our comfort zones and levels of confidence to successfully avert, own, carry and manage risks. Perhaps we are afraid of being hurt and we tend to hide our real feelings and even more so our real longings in the process. Be strong, not everything is lost. Believe that exploration is a very real, vital, rewarding and necessary aspect and pre condition to Life. Keep your heart filled with Hope, be positive that the Universe will provide you with more opportunities to experience Love and Success in all that you do or undertake, provided that you are bold, affirmative and courageous in the face of fears, doubts, obstacles and complacency. You must internalize the process of becoming one with the universe in conspiring to create and embrace the opportunities that will help you progress and evolve. From the simplest of ruts that you can get into, to the most complicated and daunting challenges that you may face, these principles of syncing, working and sharing with the universe with hope, joy, confidence, trust, experimentation and aspiration can never fail. Trust in yourself and Trust in the Truth that the Universe has immense tangible and intangible rewards in store for those who seek a more fuller, beautiful, expressive and meaningful experience through life. Life is full of Opportunities, so contagious is nature with all her habits that you would soon be turned into an enabling, living, thinking, walking and talking fertile bed of opportunities for the people, places and processes that surround you. This is well within the grasp of your human faculties, it is not just a way of thinking or an attitude or lifestyle but rather a very natural expectation that nature has of all her children. Be fruitful, be happy, accepting and joyful in searching, seeking and actively engaging and participating in the natural life processes that urge you to answer the knock when you hear it or sense it. You just have to unblock the door to your heart and mind to experience a beautiful and magical Life that is filled with bright colorful, creative, evolving and happy energies.

The universe provides Us with everything we need to grow, mature within and experience a Happy Life, but it is up to Us to learn how to grab these opportunities and make them a part of our experience on Earth. Keep yourself centered in meditation, positive thoughts and surround yourself with happy energy and positive people, the more we practice this, the more we will find ourselves fulfilled with a Gorgeous Life that is filled with an abundance of opportunities for us and our fellow beings.

Blessings, Love and Light
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

The Science and Psychology of Beauty

The Science and Psychology of Beauty 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our perception of beauty is hard wired into our being. 

The efficacy with which we establish beauty in the eyes of the beholder is based on how well we exercise and have understood and mastered the Art of truthfully and faithfully communicating, portraying and presenting Beauty that is innate.

A story, a work of art, a face, a designed object -- how do we tell that something is beautiful? And why does it matter so much to us? Designer Richard Seymour explores our response to beauty and the surprising power of objects that exhibit it.



 The Principles of Guarding Against Lies, Liars, Deception and Lying 

“Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected”. Mahatma Gandhi
P.S ~ We all have what it takes to be a Gandhi. We all have what it takes to live, aspire, love and tirelessly long for the TRUTH and its endless virtues.

On any given day we're lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and "hotspots" used by those trained to recognize deception -- and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving.

Keep Your Thoughts Up

Keep your Thoughts up in the sky with a Positive attitude. 

Our lives depend on how we think our Soul is living. 

If we think that we are worthless or we can´t do this or that or we haven´t succeeded in Life, that is all we will get, nothing but negativity, but if instead We fill ourselves with POSITIVE thoughts like...

I am going to Succeed
I am the Best
I deserve Love
I am Love
I am a Happy Soul I deserve to Be Happy

Your life will change in that moment. Never underestimate the power of your mind as an instrument of change

Combined with firm faith, a strong will and uninhibited imagination there is nothing beyond your grasp in this world. 

Magic Happens when We change our Thinking. 

It's that Simple :)

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

To Forgive is to Let Go: To Forgive is to Create a New Beginning

To Forgive is to Let Go: To Forgive is to Create a New Beginning
To forgive is to let go, it is to transcend, to show endless mercy, to deliberately enter a realm of higher consciousness. To forget is to ignore, to deny, to deliberately enter a realm of lower consciousness, darkness and ignorance. To err is human but to forgive is divine.' 

Presumably, though, we define the divine as an entity that cannot make a mistake. No wonder it can afford to be so forgiving. We humans, though, can make mistakes, and do. But we can also forgive ourselves and others too. We can make mistakes, we can forgive the mistakes, we can even decide that it was a mistake to make the mistake, or a mistake to forgive it, and then we can forgive that instead! There is no end to it once you start. Confusing? Experience the joy of Letting Go, the grace in letting it slide, there is nothing beyond it, nothing can make it too hard to forgive, the strength you need is always within us, it marks the very heights and magnificence of your Love. Find it within you to forgive and you will fully appreciate the many opportunities that come your way. The more forgiving you do today, the happier you'll feel.

Be Free Be Happy

Be Free Be Happy

Everyday is a new opportunity to erase the negative emotions from the past, there is no point on thinking in something that is gone, what is important is to Live in the NOW, How are you going to live today ?? 

Let yourself be Happy today, Life is all about You, it is your happiness. There is no point in thinking in the future because it causes Worry and worry, cause anxiety, and if you are anxious, you possible are letting go what it can be a beautiful day. Breath deeply, feel the joy Coming to You, let yourself be calm and content today.
Blessings, Love and Light

We are the Light: The Voice of your Higher Self

The Voice of your Higher Self

Listen to the voice of your Higher-self. If you can learn to become more in-tune with the voice of your soul, you will become more in-tune with your surroundings and nature. You will find a better understanding of the Universe.

Meditate often, take the time to sit in silence, listen and take notice of your thoughts. Sometimes we don't realize it, but many times, our thoughts speak truth and wisdom, as do our dreams. Listen to that voice that tells you right from wrong - THAT is the voice of your Higher-self. Recognize it. and always pay attention to it.
Sometimes we feel confused as to what our spiritual path should be, or are we on the right one? My friends, your Higher-self/God/The Source, will ALWAYS lead you in the right direction, it's your responsibility to listen and follow. Always remember - if in doubt, follow your heart, because Love is ALWAYS the right direction! :)


Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with many Blessings

Conquering the Truth Within: Your biggest conquest is right inside

Conquering the Truth Within

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell. There is nothing so disobedient as an undisciplined mind, and there is nothing so obedient as a disciplined mind.

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.
Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.
He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.
In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.
Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.
The mind is the source of happiness and unhappiness.

Choices Give Shape

Choices Give Shape
Life is about choices. We can choose to stay sad and in Fear and submerge in our problems or We can choose to live in the Light, with harmony, happy and trying to overcome whatever it comes to Us. We All have the "CHOICE". 

Call it your free will, it is yours and it has the power to present your Life and its most fulfilling Truth. Which path are you living right now ? It is time to shine and Feel the Beauty of your Soul enjoying Life with a happy heart filled with Love
Blessings, LOVE and light

Finding the Beauty in Life

Finding the Beauty in Life
Seek, admire and always look for the beauty in life. Stop thinking that life is hard and not worthy, Just look around you for the world is filled with inspiration. Look for the happy faces, for the gorgeous colors of nature, look inside your Heart, towards the joy in all life. 

In every single breathe and every passing beat you will find filled to the brim an infinite wisdom and a wholesome realization. Every heartbeat is immensely powerful; it is the strength and the intelligence that keeps the meaning and the pulse that is your Soul Alive in this place in time. You are here, so beautiful, alive and well because you were born to discover how to Love Yourself in all your aspects both good and bad, and everything you do and every person you meet is a perfect reflection of these colorful shades that you find deep within you and the recesses of your experiences in Life. There is a subtle yet all pervading intelligence that lay in the beauty that is you and the pages of your life, both the hard and the hearty. Live to admire the beauty within and without, your LOVE for it will make your world go round. Admire this beauty and be full with the bounty that is Love, talking to you through it. Be beautiful, Be LOVE, Share Love and embrace its joy.
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

A Blessing to Guide Your Soul

 May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
May the rains fall soft and kiss upon your crown.

May you have love that never ends,
Lots of blessings and lots of friends.
May Health be yours, whatever you do,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Until our paths cross again,
May God send many blessings your way!
Best Wishes & Regards,
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)

Life is both Bitter and Sweet

When you wake up or you finish your day, always be grateful for everything that happens to you, even the bad experiences, because there is a lesson to learn from them, these are parts of your life, just as vital and beautiful. 

Some can be really painful and we have to grieve, but they are never the less parts of our normal life. Life will always have ups and downs. Only God knows why we have to live that experience. But it is there for you to reflect upon and to fill yourself with peaceful thoughts that will most certainly reconcile your pain. There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel, tell yourself "This too should pass" and trust in that. Pray and ask God to illuminate your path with Love. 

Blessings, Light and peaceful healing energy to All

The Look of Love

The Look of Love
I look at you and I see love,
I see a golden ray of light
Shining like Hope,
You free me from the shadow that was my Life.
A ray from within me, Isn’t that who you are?
 I am blindness, I am Love.
Blind to your faults and insecurities.
To me it is you who is the brightest star.
I fly to You, 
Who are my dear guiding Light.
You make me whole, so complete and meaningful a Love.
You bring joy, happiness and understanding 
with the Love that is in your heart.
You are so truly the joy within mine.
Come share with me this, Our Love.
Come expand your light within my Soul.
Trust my words when I tell you,
You may say that I am Heaven sent,
But so are You.

This is your Destiny with Love.
To sing this Song and to say this Prayer.
And to know this Love like the rhythm of your heart.
This is your Destiny with Love.
To read these lines and to be set free of all fear.
This is your Destiny with Love.
To share this moment and to be here with me at this time.
Right here and right now is where all our hearts Unite as One. 
Free to Love and Free to Live as One.
Made True, Pure, Whole and fruitful in this, Our Love.
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan 
Love, Light and Blessings to You All