The Look of Love

The Look of Love
I look at you and I see love,
I see a golden ray of light
Shining like Hope,
You free me from the shadow that was my Life.
A ray from within me, Isn’t that who you are?
 I am blindness, I am Love.
Blind to your faults and insecurities.
To me it is you who is the brightest star.
I fly to You, 
Who are my dear guiding Light.
You make me whole, so complete and meaningful a Love.
You bring joy, happiness and understanding 
with the Love that is in your heart.
You are so truly the joy within mine.
Come share with me this, Our Love.
Come expand your light within my Soul.
Trust my words when I tell you,
You may say that I am Heaven sent,
But so are You.

This is your Destiny with Love.
To sing this Song and to say this Prayer.
And to know this Love like the rhythm of your heart.
This is your Destiny with Love.
To read these lines and to be set free of all fear.
This is your Destiny with Love.
To share this moment and to be here with me at this time.
Right here and right now is where all our hearts Unite as One. 
Free to Love and Free to Live as One.
Made True, Pure, Whole and fruitful in this, Our Love.
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan 
Love, Light and Blessings to You All