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Hinduism - Who Is Jahnavi?


 ("Jahnu's daughter") The Ganges River is considered by Hindus to be the physical manifestation of the goddess Ganga.

The name Jahnavi alludes to an experience she had with Jahnu, a renowned ascetic who had gathered immense strength via undertaking hard physical asceticism, during her formation (tapas).

While the sage is meditating nearby, the Ganges takes up and carries away Jahnu's things after the sage Bhagirath has brought her down to earth, but before she makes her journey to the ocean.

Jahnu is angry by the disrespect, and in order to punish Ganga, he consumes all of the river's water.

The gods are exceedingly disturbed when they understand what has transpired.

They are able to appease Jahnu, and the sage agrees to let her go.

The issue then becomes how to contaminate the Ganges without puking her up or voiding her as pee, both of which are undesirable options.

Finally, Jahnu solves the problem by releasing her via his ear.

She continues on her journey to the sea, but since she was "born" from Jahnu, she takes the name Jahnavi. 

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