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Hinduism - Where Is Haryana In Modern India?


Haryana is a modern Indian state that borders Delhi, the country's capital, on all sides except the east.

Haryana is one of the so-called linguistic states that emerged following India's independence, with the goal of uniting people who share a similar language and culture (in this instance, Hindi) under a single state government.

Haryana was formed in 1966 from the old Punjab state's Hindi-speaking districts.

Because the soil is fertile and productive, it has long been a major agricultural area, but it has lately profited from efforts to establish "satellite towns" surrounding Delhi in order to spread out growth in the capital region.

Land prices in the regions closest to the capital have risen dramatically as a result of these initiatives.

Haryana is mostly a rural state, except from this isolated land development.

Kurukshetra and Thanesar are two prominent holy sites in Haryana that are close to one other.

The former is called after the combat depicted in the epic Mahabharata, while the latter is named after the site where the Pandavas, the Mahabharata's heroes, worshiped the deity Shiva.

In terms of genuine historical significance, the flat plains surrounding Panipat have witnessed three key conflicts that have altered the path of Indian history.

Babar, a central Asian prince exiled from his birthplace of Afghanistan, destroyed the Lodis in 1526, putting an end to the Lodi dynasty and establishing his own Moghul dynasty.

The Sur dynasty, which had briefly captured the Moghul cities of Delhi and Agra, was devastated by Babar's grandson Akbar in 1556, reestablishing Moghul power.

The Marathas were destroyed by an invading Afghan army in 1761, bringing an end to the Maratha era of territorial expansion.

Christine Nivin et al., India. 8th ed., Lonely Planet, 1998, is a good resource for further information. 

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