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Hinduism - What Is Dravidian? What Are Dravidian Languages? Who Is Considered A Dravidian?


In the strictest linguistic sense, the term Dravidian refers to a language family whose core members are the four southern Indian languages of Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, and Malayalam. 

Aside from these four Dravidian languages, which are all spoken in the southernmost section of the subcontinent, Brahui is another Dravidian language. 

This language is spoken by a tiny and rather isolated group in contemporary Pakistan, distant from any other Dravidian language speakers and surrounded by Indo-Aryan language speakers. 

The Dravidian languages were initially spoken all throughout the subcontinent, but when Indo-Aryan language speakers—better known as the Aryans—came into India, they were progressively moved toward the south, according to one idea. 

According to this belief, the Brahui-speaking community is a lone relic from a previous era that has somehow managed to survive. 

This belief has an impact on how southern Indians define themselves. 

A southern Indian or someone whose native tongue is one of the four basic Dravidian languages is referred to as a Dravidian. 

It is a method for southern Indians with a strong regional identity to separate themselves from northern Indians and northern Indian culture's "imperialism." It's also said with a sense of pride that they're Dravidians, ancestors of the subcontinent's original occupants

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