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Yoga Asanas For Stress Relief - Tadasana Paschima Namaskarasana - Mountain Pose With Rear Salutation

    The hands are folded behind the back in the Indian salutation of namaskar, which means "greeting." 

    • This stretch requires a great deal of upper-body and arm flexibility. 
    • Paschima Baddha Hastasana should be practiced until your shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints are flexible enough to execute this asana comfortably. 


    • Relieves cervical spondylosis

    • Increases upper-body flexibility, arms, elbows, and wrists

    • Strengthens knee joints

    • Reduces sciatic pain

    • Corrects flat feet 


    •  If you experience stress-related headaches, a migraine, low blood pressure, sleeplessness, osteoarthritis of the knees, bulimia, diarrhoea, or orleukorrhoea, do not practice this asana. 
    • Do not hold the position for longer than 15 seconds if you have high blood pressure. 
    • Keep your feet 20cm (8in) apart if you have had polio, are knock-kneed, or have a balance issue. 
    • Keep your feet together and knees apart if you have back pain, a slipped disc, or a prolapsed uterus. 


    1 Stand in Tadasana  on an even, exposed surface with your bare feet. 

      • Turn your arms in and out a few times, gently. 
      • Take your hands behind your back and connect your fingers, pointing at the ground. 
      • Your thumbs should be resting on your lower back. 
      • Moving your elbows back and rotating your wrists will cause your fingers to spin and point upward, first to your back and then upward. 

    2 Move your hands up your back, between your shoulder blades, and press them together. 

      • Keep your hands together from the base to the tips of your fingers. 
      • Extend your upper arms and chest by pushing your elbows down. 
      • Make an effort to keep your chest and armpits open. 
      • Maintain a relaxed neck and shoulders. 
      • For 30–60 seconds, hold the position. Breathe slowly and evenly.

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