When you are a Father: An Ode to My Father

~When you are a Father~

When you are so humble, you can launch a few dozen up into space and right into orbit.

When you are so down to Earth, you can turn barren land into towns and expanding cities.

When you are so brave and intelligent to trade a ton of risks, you help build a nation.

When you are so Spiritual, religiously plural & Masterful in it, God lets you read and steer the lives, minds and hearts of men, their leaders, their nations and their fates like a book being penned.

When you are so generous, humane, loving and kind, you deliver sweet justice with the strongest left hook I have ever seen, as you help those in need with your right hand.

When you are so blessed with Fidelity, discipline, self-control, faith, purity of heart, wisdom, determination and purpose, our loyal Goddess is never too far from Her son... to protect, and guard  him and his kin, to Love & Care for His wife, His children, His community and His people.


My lifelong Mentor, my Friend, my Wise Counsel, my Warrior Brother in Arms, my Boss and now my Partner(after many years of earning sweat and blood equity, tough love and having to prove my mettle). My #1 role model for Life. I am so grateful to have been blessed with such a Father, as we are grateful every day for all our ancestral Fathers before us, & to our Father in Heaven.

Happy Father's Day

Every Divine Moment, In Every Day, Every Month & Every Year ..across decades

Father is blazing away tirelessly  24*7*365 
Showing us the way... .



a.k.a Jai Krishna Ponnappan ;)

The best of Blessings & Love to you this Father's Day. .

Shadows of Letters


Shadows of Letters



Shadows of letters

I have written in the dark

To light an endless flame

Remembering my foreverLove



Each letter holding Candlelit Moments 

Of ours.. Next to the summer Rains 

In the waters beneath the stars

As I bathe in the light of this crescent Moon



As I spell these timeless Prayers into the wind

From the fires within my Soul 

I dream a dream so deep into our Heart



Shadows of letters that never part
Carry this Eternal Light right through the dark
There is a radar within my heart,
I should have trusted from the start 
O beautiful Moon.. O beautiful Star... Carry my letters right to Her Heart

P.S ~ Now Entering the New Moon Super Moon Waxing Phase

My many Blessings of Love to you all.. 

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan💓