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Hinduism - What Is A Bhut? Who Is Bhuta?


Bhut (literally, "someone who was"). 

The ghost of a recently deceased person who is still improperly linked to the living world. 

  • This may be a frightening or malicious presence for the departed's family or the broader public. 
  • Bhuts and other malevolent spirits, such as prets or churails, 
    • Have a history of dying prematurely or violently, 
    • Or dying with unmet aspirations, especially in marriage and family life. 

  • When both of these characteristics are present, the chances of the deceased becoming a bhut are considerably higher. 

Dreams or possession are two ways that Bhuts make themselves known to the living. 

  • They may have particular demands that may be met via worship and offerings in certain circumstances. 
  • In such situations, dreams and possession are ways of connecting with real people who can carry out the required activities. 

Some bhuts use possession as a means of achieving their unmet goals by using the body of a live person. 

  • These demons are much more nefarious, and exorcism is the only method to get rid of them. 

The deity Shiva's epithet is Bhuta, who is widely considered the ruler, animator, and overarching Lord of all such spirits, entities, goblins, ghosts, devout Demons, and Witches.

Ann Grodzins Gold, Fruitful Journeys, 1988, has further information on the care of restless family spirits; Sudhir Kakar, Shamans, Mystics, and Doctors, 1991, has a superb psychological interpretation of spirits, possession, and healing. 

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