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Ayurvedic Self Care - Importance Of Forgiveness

Forgiving yourself and others may be a very therapeutic activity. 

Harboring on to anger or holding grudges, according to Ayurveda, may lead to a buildup of toxic ama in our bodies. 

This letter-writing process gives you the opportunity to recognize and then let go of your pain and anger, releasing any bad energy that has been stored in your body. 


Reduces the weight of a grudge; relieves sorrow and tension; gives a feeling of comfort; fosters optimism. 


Approximately 20 minutes, or as long as you need. It may be done as many times as necessary. 


As emotions are released, you may feel worse at first. These emotions should pass, but if they don't, you should seek professional help. 


Breathe gently and deeply to focus your thoughts. Inhale for 5 counts with your nose, then exhale for 5 counts through your mouth. Rep 3 times more. 

  1. Consider who you'd want to write to and why. Make a list of any emotions, thoughts, or phrases that come to mind. 
  2. Use your notes as a starting point for drafting your message. Instead of using harsh words or making accusations, try to describe how the event has impacted you. 
  3. Ask the recipient for forgiveness at the end of your letter. Now read your letter from beginning to end, paying attention to how you feel. 
  4. Finish the ceremony by ripping up or burning your letter in a safe manner. 
  5. Visualize your bad feelings dissipating as the words fade away.

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To Forgive is to Let Go: To Forgive is to Create a New Beginning

To Forgive is to Let Go: To Forgive is to Create a New Beginning
To forgive is to let go, it is to transcend, to show endless mercy, to deliberately enter a realm of higher consciousness. To forget is to ignore, to deny, to deliberately enter a realm of lower consciousness, darkness and ignorance. To err is human but to forgive is divine.' 

Presumably, though, we define the divine as an entity that cannot make a mistake. No wonder it can afford to be so forgiving. We humans, though, can make mistakes, and do. But we can also forgive ourselves and others too. We can make mistakes, we can forgive the mistakes, we can even decide that it was a mistake to make the mistake, or a mistake to forgive it, and then we can forgive that instead! There is no end to it once you start. Confusing? Experience the joy of Letting Go, the grace in letting it slide, there is nothing beyond it, nothing can make it too hard to forgive, the strength you need is always within us, it marks the very heights and magnificence of your Love. Find it within you to forgive and you will fully appreciate the many opportunities that come your way. The more forgiving you do today, the happier you'll feel.