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11 Kundalini Yoga Benefits - 5 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

    Kundalini Yoga's Scientifically Researched & Validated Benefits

    Kundalini yoga offers a number of scientifically validated and anecdotal advantages. Let's take a closer look at them.

    1. Enhances cognitive performance

      • Researchers examined 81 individuals with moderate cognitive impairment in a 2017 controlled trial. 
        • The participants were split into two groups at random. For 12 weeks, one group did Kundalini yoga and the other got memory improvement training.
          • While both groups improved their memory significantly at the conclusion of the research, only the Kundalini group improved their executive functioning in the short and long term.
        • This involves, among other things, thinking, problem-solving, and cognitive flexibility.

          • The group who practiced Kundalini yoga experienced less symptoms of depression at the conclusion of the research, in addition to cognitive gains.

    2. Anxiety And Stress Alleviation.

      • Kundalini yoga, like other types of yoga, may help alleviate tension and anxiety.
      • Participants in a short 2017 study reported rapid stress reduction after practicing Kundalini yoga. After three months of practice, the impact persisted.
      • A 2018 research found that 8 weeks of Kundalini yoga reduced anxiety in individuals. 
      • According to the experts, Kundalini yoga may be an useful therapy option for individuals suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.

    3. Enlightenment On A Spiritual Level

      • As your Kundalini energy wakes, it's thought that you'll become more spiritually connected to yourself and others.
      • NOTE: These advantages have not been scientifically proved, but they are backed up by personal experience. 
      • The following are some of the alleged advantages:

          1. More empathy boosted creativity and boosted charm.
          2. Internal tranquility 
          3. Improved vitality

    4. Enhances Self-Esteem

      • Kundalini yoga may promote body positivity and self-acceptance, according to a small 2017 research. 
      • Nine women diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa had these advantages.
      • The researchers believe that Kundalini yoga may aid in the treatment of eating disorders by enhancing self-perception and self-appreciation.

    Observable Advantages In Terms Of Physiological Changes In Health

    • There are many reasons why individuals choose to practice Kundalini, including its physical and psychological benefits. 
    • As mentioned above, some of the most well-known Kundalini health advantages include a quicker metabolism, improved mood, and reduced stress levels.

    5. Strengthens the body


    • Kundalini yoga is a wonderful method to develop and tone your muscles since you maintain each position for a long amount of time (often up to five minutes!).  

    • Some of the more powerful breathing methods, such as Breath of Fire, may also help you develop core strength since each exhale requires you to activate your abdominal muscles.

    6. It makes you feel better.


    • The “high” you feel after a hot yoga session is real—research has shown that practicing

    • Kundalini yoga on a regular basis boosts serotonin (the happy hormone) production in the brain.

    7. Blood pressure and heart rate are reduced.


    • Kundalini yoga, particularly the deep breathing methods employed during it, has been proven in many studies to reduce the incidence of hypertension.

    •  Long, steady breaths decrease tension and relax your autonomic nervous system, reducing blood pressure and pulse rate.

    8. It improves your memory and concentration.


    • Kundalini yoga, according to studies, may improve cognitive functioning by improving attention and memory. 

    • A Kundalini kriya is also recommended by the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation for enhancing memory retention.

    9. Improves your metabolism and digestion


    • Kundalini yoga focuses on strengthening your core and diaphragm via a mix of breath and postures. 

    • As a result, your digestion will improve, and experts have discovered that your metabolism will speed up (meaning your body processes energy more efficiently).

    What Role Does Kundalini Yoga Have In Our Lives?

    10. Kundalini is a tool that we utilize to live a life filled with lightness, joy, and limitless love. 

        • You will begin to see how Kundalini Yoga impacts the energy, emotion, and motion in your body, not only by being aware of the geometry of your body, but also by seeing how this practice changes the energy, emotion, and motion in your body swiftly and effectively.
        • We all have “locks” in our bodies where energy becomes trapped and we lose touch with our mind–body connection, the cosmos, and our greatest potential. 
        • Kundalini Yoga draws energy from the base of your spine up, through the roof of your crown, and outward, allowing it to flow freely and establish balance in your energy centers and chakras.
        • Some of the more technical aspects of this yoga practice, such as breathwork, mantras, kriyas, meditations, and mudras, work in synergy with Kundalini practice and they may help benefit you in several areas as a whole.
        • The chanting, breathwork, and some of the postures may feel strange at first. However, in order to get the most out of this spiritual practice, you must commit to it, show up on a regular basis, and arrive with an open mind.

    11. A kundalini awakening may be a powerful instrument for self-improvement and healing, allowing for long-term beneficial transformation. 

        • Life, it is claimed, will never be the same after your kundalini wakes. 
        • Your whole system, including your mind, body, and spirit, receives a tremendous energy boost, enabling you to move through life in a new manner. 

        • The following are some of the advantages of a Kundalini awakening:

            1. Feelings of happiness
            2. Psychic powers improved
            3. Increased creativity as a result of increased compassion and empathy
            4. Spiritual connection is stronger.

    The list of advantages of a kundalini awakening is not exhaustive. 

    After awakening, many people describe wanting to alter their food, work, relationships, and sometimes their whole life to fit their new way of being.

    Your Kundalini Awakening's Signs And Symptoms

    There are a variety of indications that your kundalini is rising. 

    • 1. When we get kundalini "symptoms," that energy is trying to gain our attention and awareness so that we may make the changes our soul wants. 
        • We are then able to become who we were created to be and live our greatest calling. 
    • The following are some of the observable signs and symptoms:
        1. Having an increased sense of intuition
        2. A strong feeling of mission and destiny
        3. The desire to make improvements in one's life
        4. Sleep problems, anxiety, energy spikes, and shaking are examples of physical and emotional changes.

    Whatever symptoms you're having, try not to get too caught up with whether or not they're kundalini and why they're there. 

    • Allow the energy to flow through you instead, and try to cure any unpleasant sensations that arise on a holistic level. 
    • The less you fight these emotions, the faster they'll pass.

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