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Hinduism - Where Is Kota In India?


About 100 miles south of Jaipur, on the Chambal River in Rajasthan's modern state.

Kota was the capital of a minor kingdom of the same name before India's independence.

The Rajasthani style of miniature painting, a genre used to illustrate Hindu religious topics, notably scenes in Krishna's life, was born in Kota.

Because Kota was controlled by a junior member of the Bundi royal dynasty, the Kota style is considered a derivation of the Bundi style.

Both styles are distinguished by their concern to nature, as seen by the precise portrayals of trees surrounding the subjects of the paintings.

The Kota style is characterized by out-of-proportion landscape components that give the images a lush impression.

See W. G. Archer's Indian Painting (1957) and Indian Painting in Bundi and Kotah (1959) for further details.

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