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Hinduism - What Is A Mahavakya In Hindu Literature And Speech?


 ("extensive utterance") Short remarks from the Upanishads, speculative literature dubbed "great" because they disclose the fundamental essence of existence and the Self.

Tat tvam asi ("that thou art") is a well-known mahavakya that expresses the Self's union with Brahman.

Ayamatma Brahman ("This Self is Brahman"), sarvam idam khalu Brahman ("Truly, this world is Brahman"), aham brahmasmi ("I am Brahman"), and prajnanam Brahman ("Knowledge is Brahman") are some more well-known utterances.

In the jump philosophy propounded by the philosopher Sureshvara, these big words are most essential.

Complete freedom, according to leap philosophers, is achievable but beyond of our immediate control, since it cannot be obtained by a precisely stated series of causes and consequences.

When a person whose understanding has been cleansed hears one of these mahavakyas, the deep truth in the speech gives the flash of insight that delivers complete freedom of the soul, according to Sureshvara's understanding (moksha).

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