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Hinduism - Where Is Mohenjo-Daro, Bath?

One of the most impressive buildings found at Mohenjo-Daro, the Indus Valley civilization's first metropolis. 

This bath is an oblong pool that measures 39 by 23 feet and is eight feet deep. 

  • It's made of brick and covered with pitch. 
  • The tank was encircled on all four sides by tiny chambers that looked like changing rooms and could be drained via an entrance in one corner. 

The Indus Valley towns placed a high value on plumbing, cleanliness, and sewers, implying that bathing (snana) was associated with ceremonial purity, as it is in contemporary Hindu culture. 

  • With this in mind, the bath was most likely not a bathing pool, but rather had a deeper religious significance. 
  • Walter Ashlin Fairservis, The Roots of Ancient India, 1975, is a good source of knowledge.

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