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Hinduism - Where Is The Gobind Deo Mandir?


Gobind Deo Mandir is a Hindu temple in Gobind Deo, India.

A temple erected in 1590 in Brindavan, the location where the deity Krishna is said to have spent his boyhood.

The temple honors Krishna in his incarnation as the "Divine Cowherd." The temple is notable from an architectural standpoint for its vaulted roof, which is uncommon in Hindu temples.

The interior and exterior of the temple are particularly noted for their virtually total absence of figural ornamentation, which is unique.

The shrine is located on a major highway that connects Agra and Delhi.

These are the two primary political hubs of the Muslim-ruled Moghul empire (1525–1707).

The temple's austere architecture may have been an effort to avoid arousing Muslim iconoclasm, since many Orthodox Muslims think figural representations, especially in places of worship, are idolatry.

The few figures within the temple, carved into the lintels of door and windows, have had their heads cut off, indicating a fight between Hindus and Muslims.

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