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Hinduism - What Is Bhaktililamrta?


(“Nectar of the Play of Devotion”) Bhaktililamrta. 

Mahipati, an eighteenth-century writer and hagiographer of devotional (bhakti) poet-saints, penned the text. 

  • Mahipati was a member of the Varkari Panth, a religious order dedicated to the worship of the deity Vithoba in his Pandharpur temple. 
  • Eknath, Tukaram, Ramdas, and Bhanudas are among the Varkari saints profiled in the Bhaktililamrta. 

Each of these saints is presented as a model of devotion in the text, which emphasizes the ability of worship to transcend all difficulties. 

  • The Bhaktavijaya, his other significant work, is likewise marked by this subject. 

Justin E. Abbott translated parts of the Bhaktililamrta in The Life of Eknath (1981) and The Life of Tukaram (1980).

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