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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Was Alberuni?

Alberuni (973–ca.1050 C.E.) is the Anglicized version of Abu Rayhan Biruni, who was a central Asian scholar-scientist who was considered one of the finest intellectual giants of his day. 

  • Alberuni was a reluctant member of King Mahmud of Ghazni's court, and was compelled to join Mahmud on several of his plundering expeditions into India. 
  • Alberuni took advantage of this forced “fieldwork” to study Hindu life, culture, and sciences, and his work demonstrates that he is a keen, diligent, and impartial observer. 
  • In 1030 C.E., he reported his discoveries in Tahqiq ma li'l-Hind, which Edward Sachau translated as Alberuni's India in 1888. In 1971, Ainslee Embree produced an abbreviated version of the book.

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