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Hinduism - Who Was Rajendra I Of The Chola Dynasty In India?


Rajendra I. (r. 1014–42) was a Hindu king who reigned from 1014 to 42.

The Chola dynasty achieved its pinnacle of strength during his leadership (and that of his father, Raja Raja), extended its dominance from the Tanjore area in Tamil Nadu, across southern India, and into Southeast Asia all the way to Malaysia.

Rajendra destroyed one of Bengal's monarchs in 1023, extending his kingdom all the way to the Ganges, but he was unable to maintain control over such a vast territory for long.

In order to keep control of commerce from China, he also conducted a campaign against the Shrivijaya Empire in modern-day Malaysia.

Rajendra, like his father, was a big supporter of temple construction and other public works of art, such as the huge temple at Ganga ikondacholapuran, which was erected to commemorate the victory that opened the route to the Ganges.

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