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Social Connections during COVID-19 Pandemic

The current Coronavirus pandemic has confined many people to their homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many cities around the world have implemented quarantine protocols, including curfews, making getting out a non-option.

On the surface, this seems to be a negative thing because it restricts our behaviors and options, but it isn't entirely true. In reality, spending time indoors can be beneficial. Connecting better with yourself and others is a fantastic way to spend this time.


Getting to know yourself

The standard setup for someone's spare time is to do something outside, whether it's attending a function, participating in a sport, or even going to a bar at the end of the day. Spending time outdoors with others is the most popular way for people to spend their spare time.

However, the present situation has made this difficult (if not impossible), as most people are unable to leave their homes until absolutely necessary. We've had a lot of time to ourselves thanks to the Coronavirus.

This is a positive development. We will really communicate with ourselves as we spend time alone with ourselves. Few people really spend much time alone. They are frequently surrounded by others and/or occupied with other activities. Spending time alone has been an unusual occurrence.

Spending more time alone will help us bond with ourselves more deeply. This allows one to think more about ourselves (yes, you can learn about yourself because a lack of self-awareness makes life more difficult).

Here's a perfect way to get started: spend at least ten minutes per day alone and quietly. This means there would be no television, screen, phone, humans, or anything else. You have your own business and no one else's. Using it can be difficult at first. But if you stick with it, it will get better over time. It will also help you improve your ability to communicate and think about yourself over time.

Consider how much better your self-awareness will be by the time the Coronavirus crisis has calmed down and the quarantine has been removed if you do this on a daily basis.

Start with 5, or even fewer, if 10 minutes is too difficult. What matters is that you do this on a daily basis. That, along with gradually and the amount of time you spend on your own, is what really makes you see the results. So, if you start with 5 minutes, work your way up to 10 minutes, and so on.

Of course, these aren't the only ways to communicate with yourself. Journaling and mindfulness therapy will also help you communicate with yourself more. Reading is another excellent way to do this, especially when it comes to personal development and self-awareness.

Make an attempt to improve your relationship with yourself. This discipline has the potential to make a huge difference in your life.

On that note, if you're looking for a fast way to get started, try this 1-minute guided meditation.

Making connections with other people

This time spent indoors is beneficial not just for enhancing your self-awareness and intelligence and for better communicating with yourself, but it is also beneficial for better connecting with others.

You'll have a lot of time to spend with those around you, particularly those you care for, and you won't be worrying about doing things outside. So why not take advantage of this moment to strengthen your ties with them and boost your relationship with them?

Making stuff together is a simple way to get started. So maybe you should cook or do housework together. Alternatively, you should play indoor games with your mates.

Or any other indoor events that you must complete. Doing chores together will not only make them simpler, but it will also allow you to strengthen your bonds with the people you care for.

Distraction-free conversations improve the chances of having real heart-to-heart conversations. So, for at least 10-15 minutes, strive to have conversations without watching TV or anything else. This will help you understand things about the other person you didn't know before, which is a perfect way to strengthen your relationship with them.

Spending more time with people will be extremely beneficial to your friendship. When someone familiar to you is exhibiting signs of Coronavirus, it's a smart idea to get as far away from them as possible.

A ray of hope

The extra time we are having to understand how to communicate more with ourselves and others is a silver lining to this Coronavirus quarantine. This creates a distraction-free environment in which we can better understand ourselves and others we care for. So take advantage of this opportunity to really communicate with yourself. Also, improve your relationships with those around you. Indoor sports, for example, can help with this.

Distraction-free periods like these, where we aren't actively worrying about what we can do in our free time outdoors, are rare. And it has the potential to be really successful. But only when properly applied.

So think about how you're going to spend this time. Make use of it to improve your life.

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