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Paganism & Wicca - Who Is Aje The Yoruba Goddess?


Aje is a Yoruba term that means "witchcraft." It literally means "Our Mothers," and it refers to supernatural feminine energies that may be employed for good or evil. 

  • When balanced and directed benevolently, Aje is very useful to the whole society. 
  • Nevertheless, some individuals only use the term Aje to indicate only negative manifestations of this power, similar to how they use the phrase "witchcraft." 

  • The term is also cognate with the words "prosperity" and "wealth" in another sense. 
  • Aje is a term that describes both the power (magical energy) and individuals who embody and manage it. 

  • Although any woman might be Aje, it is most firmly associated with elderly ladies. 
  • Despite the fact that Aje are human, they are commonly depicted as birds, and they are commanded by the Orisha Oshun, who has strong ties to witchcraft, birds, and feminine power. 
  • The masculine orishas Oko and Ogun are likewise linked to Aje. 


DIVINE WITCH: Oshun, Orisha Oko;

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