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Hinduism - Where Is Jambukeshvar In India?

Sacred location (tirtha) and southern Indian temple town in Tiruchirappalli in the state of Tamil Nadu, immediately across from Shrirangam's huge temple complex.

The temple in Jambukeshvar is dedicated to the deity Shiva as "Lord of the Rose-Apple (jambu) Tree," and Shiva's picture is put under one of these trees.

Jambukeshvar is also one of the five bhutalingas ("elemental lingas"), Shiva's holiest places in southern India.

Shiva is depicted as a linga, a pillar-shaped item that represents Shiva's symbolic form, in each of these locations, and the linga is said to be made from one of the five primordial elements (bhuta)—earth, wind, fire, water, and space (akasha).

The linga is placed in a pool produced by a natural spring in Jambukeshvar, where Shiva's image is connected with water.


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