Hinduism - Who Is Badarayana?

Badarayana (about 400–200 B.C.E.) was a Hindu king who lived between 400 and 200 B.C.E. 

The Vedanta Sutras are usually attributed to this philosopher. 

  • The philosophical school known as Vedanta is founded on this collection of 555 short sutras, or aphorisms, which purports to disclose the ultimate meaning of the holy texts known as the Vedas. 
  • The sutras seek to organize and synthesize the philosophic and theological concepts found in the Upanishads, the theoretical writings that make up the Veda's most recent layer. 

The Vedanta Sutras are also known as the Brahma Sutras because they are concerned with thoughts concerning the Supreme Reality known as Brahman. 

  • The individual sutras' brevity—many are just a few words long—presupposes commentary, which was subsequently supplied by a variety of authors. 
  • Although subsequent Vedanta authors regarded Badarayana's work as equally authoritative, he believed the Upanishads to be the ultimate basis for his teachings.

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