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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Is Aprashasta?


Aprashasta means “reprehensible” marriages. 

The asura marriage, gandharva marriage, rakshasa marriage, and paishacha marriage are the four types of marriage that are susceptible to rejection, according to the Dharma Shastras, which are books on religious obligation (dharma). 

Although they are all regarded as dharmically and morally wrong but in varying degrees depending on the prevailing circumstances in a given Hindu society, 

  • the asura (bride price) and 
  • gandharva (betrothal by mutual agreement) weddings are allowed

  • but the rakshasa (forced abduction) and 
  • paishacha (taking advantage of an insentient lady) marriages are prohibited

Despite the strong criticism, all of these unions are considered lawful. 

This viewpoint was widely accepted to be meant not to legitimize immoral behavior, but to provide the woman with the legal privileges of a wife, regardless of the circumstances of her marriage. 

Only the asura marriage is still performed in contemporary times, and it is only done by individuals who are either extremely poor or have a very low social standing.

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