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Hinduism - Why Is Friday Or Shukravar Auspicious For Hindus?

Friday (Shukravar) is the fifth day of the Hindu week, with Venus as the ruling planet (Shukra). 

Friday is also the Goddess's day of the week, making it a potentially tremendously auspicious day. 

It is believed that the teachings and scriptures associated with Astrology and Astronomy where significantly influenced by Greco-Roman Pagans in the sub-continent.

Much of these are collectively referred to as the Samudric Shastra Or Oceanic Scriptures. 

These beliefs and practices were assimilated into Hindu Society and Culture through widespread admixing, trade, migrations, and cultural interactions.

Although the Goddess may be worshipped in a variety of ways, Santoshi Ma is one of the most popular in northern India. 

Since its inception in the mid-1970s, Santoshi Ma worship has grown rapidly. 

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