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Shamanism and The Physical Body's Energy


This study of the human experience is unique because of the breadth of this perspective and the possibilities it highlights.

It's worth looking at. In some ways, this is strange, because Toltec lore claims that what became the highly refined worldview of today began to coalesce 5,000 to 7,000 years ago in the center of what is now a third-world nation, Mexico. Around the same time, the teachings of the Toltecs do not exist in a vacuum. Many disciplines, traditions, and people have added to our understanding of the energy body, from medical medicine to homoeopathy to ancient Taoism.

I've discovered that failing to recognize our personal energy body is akin to trying to walk down the street without using our muscles. There is so much more than being human that is yet to be discovered. The development of understanding of our greater capacity leads to a radical shift in how we see the environment and, as a result, shifts in behavior. This improved interaction with our environment allows for more learning, and new ways to learn. Learning is dependent on how much you use the skills you have at your hands, as well as using those resources to begin with. You may have a lot of insight but no experience in that situation. Similarly, you can have a lot of training that goes to waste because you lack the ability to submit and incorporate it.

BOOKS are a dominant medium of expression for knowledge, education, and entertainment in our time. They are consciousness representations created by energy bodies, with the book style representing the type of energy being portrayed. Much like energy bodies, you can say a book is a book by looking at its structure, and you can tell the contents have been formed in such a way as to express some kind of wisdom. Books, like energy bodies, express realities and distortions based on the craftsmanship that goes into their development. Books, like energy bodies, embody and create worlds large and small and for good or bad by concentrating thinking, emotion, and action.

And, just like energy bodies, no single book, or even a series of books, can provide everything that is learned about any given topic. However, books, like energy bodies, have the ability to bind you to infinity.

This book is the result of combining Toltec theory with a number of science and academic disciplines, exposing the structure and functions of the energy body while also providing a basis for a better understanding of perception and personal development. What is learned is not negated by these modern views on creativity, intellect, and memory. They increase understanding in the same way as new ideas, habits, and innovations are stimulated by disruptive technology. The overriding principle of this project is that what happens within the energy body is the primary determinant of all we see, experience, think, or interpret. While the power, resilience, and importance of the ancient Toltec tradition inform this debate, the additional references to current fields of inquiry reinforce and lead the basic concept into modern meaning.

The scope of this project necessitates a scientific rendering that accurately reflects the mechanics of the energy body and related science. This approach has a reason since it is necessary to present the rationale of how the energy body functions and how to help it reach its full potential. It won't stop you from waking your energy body if you don't understand the complex specifics. The first step is to get a grasp of the situation, and to do so, you just need to be aware of your choices.

The options are essentially the same as those that arise from studying the myriad structures that make up the human body. You'll notice that the dynamics of the nervous system and the energy body, for example, mirror each other.

Historical and contemporary studies collide, exposing more than previously believed while expanding the possibilities. The fact that energy body processes can be linked to a variety of fields backs up the idea that experience is determined by factors within the energy body. In the other hand, these fields of research stem from the energy body, which focuses and generates awareness. Each essay serves as a stepping stone toward a greater understanding of our natural heritage, as well as how to cultivate proficiency in the care and maintenance of your energy body.

The intricacies of projecting, the interplay of learning and creativity, the foundation of fundamentalism, the importance of altered states of consciousness, and how to groom present-centeredness are just a few of the topics discussed herein using this technique. 

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