The Wounded Soul's Healing

Loss and its Consequences - Living with the Pain

Spiritual Loss

When They Don't Understand Me

Our Ego-Centric Society

I Believe, If Only...

Inability to Cope with the Sufferings of Others.

When Disappointment is Painful

When Bereavement Gets Painful

When Rapture and Disillusionment Gets Painful 

8 Reasons Why Words Have Spiritual Power

Man's God-Given Power

 What is the Cure for our Spiritual Illness?

Temperament-based treatment

Healing is influenced by two factors

Time is less important than Faith

Categories of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual ways to Avoid Physical Illness

Spirituality To Avoid Mental Illness

Spirituality To Avoid Spiritual Illness

Spiritual Efficacy and Science of Curative Methods

Vibration and Consciousness 

Matter and Spirit

Dream state Body and Consciousness

Illusion of the World

Principles of Medical and Mental Cure

Risks of Blind Denial 

Vibration of the Body

Chanting in Its Various Forms


Spiritual Energy Centers in  the Body

Value of Different Cure Methods

Affirm into Your Subconscious

A Healing Positive affirmation

Affirmation of one's thoughts

Affirmation of the Will

To Heal and Treat a Dull Intelligence

Affirmation of Wisdom

Affirmations for Success

 Affirmation of Financial Success

Affirmation for Spiritual Success

Affirmation for the Sense of Sight

Affirmations for Psychological Success

Affirmation to Tame Sexual Energy

 Affirmations to Cure Bad Habits


Devotion is Key to Self Realization

Douse the Flames of Desire, and You will Know Your Self

Letting Go of Me and Mine

Our Inner Self is All Knowing

Searching the Soul Within

Our Highest Nature, The Supreme Self is God

Reality Stops when the Perceiver Ceases to be

Eternal Devotion

Renunciation in its True Sense. 

Battle of Rama and Ravana 

Spirituality and Objectivity

Dissolution - When Knowledge Comes to an End 

To Listen, is To Receive

The Absolution of Oneness

Consciousness defined by Speech, Mind, and Action 

Renunciation and Desire

Siddhis - Spiritual Powers Inherent in the Self 

Thoughts Within a Dream

Freedom Of Mind And Spirit 

The Start Of Anything New

Soul Studies And Guides

The Soul's Mirror

The Goats From The Sheep? Mammal...

The Holistic Truth

Sweet Shop of the Spirit

The Human Condition And The Human Predicament